History of Corporate Ethics in Rochester, NY

The Rochester Business Ethics Award program started in 2003 to promote corporate ethics and was modeled after the American Business Ethics Award, sponsored by the Society of Financial Service Professionals. The Rochester chapter of the Society and St. John Fisher College were the original founding institutional partners of the program. In 2005, the Rochester Business Alliance (now the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce) joined as an institutional partner.

Based on the immediate success of the annual ETHIE award program celebrating corporate ethics and the related educational and scholarship activities, the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation (RABEF) was established in 2007 and designated as a 501(c)(3) organization.

The purpose of Elevate Rochester is to promote and support the creation of corporate ethics throughout the Rochester area business community. RABEF has grown to fulfill this purpose through:

  • The annual ETHIE award, recognizing ethical business practices in Rochester.
  • The annual Elevate Rochester Scholarships, recognizing students as future business leaders who exhibit high ethical standards
  • Year-round community conversation on corporate ethics in our article and reference resources, as well as our educational opportunities