How to Apply

The deadline for award applications is Thursday, June 30, 2022.

The space allowed for the answers and information requested is expressly limited to a character count of (250 words), so please be concise. The judging panel is not looking for volume, but rather for quality, of information.

When crafting responses to the questions, please keep in mind that business ethics is difficult to define. Obeying the law, meeting the standards of compliance for your organization, or treating people fairly are all expected behaviors, but are not examples of business ethics. How your organization upholds a right standard of conduct is the message the judges panel seeks to understand.

Nearly all of the entrants over the years have noted that the application process has been extremely helpful in creating a sound internal business ethics program and a useful document that will serve the organization in the coming years.

Again, the responses must be carefully crafted to fit the space allowed, so take your time.

For any questions or clarifications on this process, contact the ETHIE Award Process Committee at the Elevate Rochester offices (585) 383-1060 or the ETHIE Award Process Committee Chair Renee Spang at (585) 259-9759.

To enter the ETHIE Award competition, please complete the following questionnaire with the information requested.