Trust Across America Announces Trust Council

Last week the Trust Across America: Trust Around the World organization announced a “Trust Council” of 12 top worldwide experts in the field of Trust Thought Leadership in honor of their 10th anniversary in April.

Stephen M.R. Covey, who spoke at a joint meeting in Rochester in 2008 is on the list as is Bob Vanourek, who spoke here exactly two years ago. Also making the list is our own Bob Whipple.
“The Trust Ambassador,” Bob is CEO of Leadergrow Inc., an organization dedicated to growing leaders. He is an international speaker on the topics of trust and ethics. Bob is a member of the National Speaking Association and is a certified Vistage Speaker. He has produced four books, over 600 articles, and over 100 videos on various topics of trust and leadership. Bob was awarded the Trust Across America Top Thought Leader in Trust, Lifetime Achievement Award, and Inc. Magazine named him as a Top 100 Leadership Speaker for the past three years.

To read the full list view the link below: