Ethics Moments

The RABEF Board of Directors meets regularly to discuss and implement on-going business and event organization. Each month one board member presents a discussion about a moment of ethics. These are often eye-opening, thought-provoking, and interesting conversations that we are happy to share with you so you can also discuss them within your organizations.

In May 2016, Mark Kluge shared “Political Ethics.”

In April 2016, Alan Zielger shared “Four Things I Want You to Remember Me By.”

In March 2016, John Keiser shared “Moral Licensing.”

In January 2016, Vicki James shared “Seven Business Leaders Share How They Solve the Biggest Moral Dilemmas of Their Careers.”

In December 2014, Mark Kluge presented “The Uphill Battle of a Whistleblower.”

In November 2014, Ginny Nacy presented “Are we born with a moral core? The Baby Lab says ‘yes’.”

In August 2014, Jim Nortz presented “The Canons of Business Ethics”

In June 2014, Alan Ziegler shared a New York Times column: “Truly Great Companies Add More Than They Extract”, and also a study: “The Fine Line Between MBA Students and Convicted Felons”

In May 2014, Mike Burns presented “Dairy Queen Ethics Hero”

In April 2014: John Keiser presented “Ethics and Social Comparison”

In March 2014, Twyla Cummings presented “Factors that Promote Unethical Behavior”

In February 2014, Jerry Elman presented “7 Elements of Ethical Leadership”

In January 2014, Bob Whipple presented “Degrees of Trust”