Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation Announces New Chair

ROCHESTER, NY – December 16, 2015 The Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation (RABEF) today announced Vicki M. James as the organization’s new chairperson, succeeding Dr. Twyla Cummings, Senior Associate Dean and Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, after 9 years of service as board chair. RABEF also welcomes these community leaders to the board, continuing the Foundation’s commitment to fostering high ethical standards to Rochester area businesses:

Ginny Brandreth, President, BrandrethWorks

Cynthia Chen, ABVI-Goodwill

Linda MacCammon, Associate Professor of Religious Studies & Program Director for the Ethics Minor Program, St John Fisher College

Kara Martin, Director of Mission, Vision & Character Advancement, D4

Cheryl McKeiver, Soft Skills Consulting

RABEF promotes best practices for business ethics through seminars, a speakers’ bureau, local college scholarships and, most notably, the annual ETHIE Award given to area businesses that demonstrate their commitment to high ethical standards every day.

“Bringing visibility to area companies that continue to foster solid ethical business practices raises the bar for all of us,” said Vicki M. James, Stand Out Results CEO. “We know that companies that are committed to conducting business with ethics-based values experience tremendous success and a rewarding company culture. RABEF is here to honor and support those values throughout our business community.”

RABEF founder Alan Ziegler of Futures Funding Corp. commented, “RABEF has been very fortunate to have the board leadership and foundational effort Twyla Cummings has provided. Under Vicki James’ leadership we are poised to continue growing our foundation and fostering solid business ethics in the Rochester area.”

Nominations for the 2016 ETHIE Award are open now via the RABEF website.


The Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation promotes and supports the creation of ethical cultures throughout the Rochester area business community by fostering best practices through community awareness and education of ethics-based values and recognition of organizations that exemplify the highest standard of business ethics in the Rochester area. Visit: