Business Ethics Scholarship at St. John Fisher College named after co-founder of Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation

Martin Palumbos Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation Scholarship will be given annually to a student at St. John Fisher College

In honor of his retirement from the board of directors of the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation and in celebration of his 11 years of dedication and service to the organization as co-founder and long-time committee chair, a scholarship has been named in honor of Martin Palumbos.

In its mission as a non-profit promoting high standards of business ethics in the Rochester community, RABEF, since its founding, has been offering college scholarships to students at St. John Fisher and other colleges as well as to area high school students through Rochester Junior Achievement.  Beginning in 2014, the RABEF scholarship offered at St. John Fisher will be known as the Martin Palumbos Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation Scholarship.

Himself a graduate of St. John Fisher College, Palumbos was instrumental in starting RABEF more than 11 years ago with co-founder Alan Ziegler.  A respected financial planning professional, Palumbos is a partner in the firm PS&E Plan to Prosper.

The scholarship announcement was made today at the 11th annual ETHIE Awards, presented by the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation. In addition to the announcement, Palumbos was honored on stage and was presented with an engraved ETHIE Statuette:

Martin Palumbos, in recognition of your longtime commitment to celebrating and supporting an ethical business community

In addition, he was presented with a custom-designed memory book memorializing his activities with RABEF. Those in attendance at the awards event were asked to contribute brief notes and tributes.

“Marty Palumbos was there at the birth of this “baby” and immediately embraced, with incredible passion, skill, dedication and commitment, the purpose of our Ethics Foundation,” said RABEF co-founder Alan Ziegler. “It has been an eleven-year journey of caring, sharing, and working with corporate supporters to promote and celebrate ethical culture in the Rochester business community.

“Marty’s ability to start and continue the ethics conversation has drawn so many to this cause over the years and his mark will forever be the success of this organization. His friendship and role model have been a treasured gift for all of us.”


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