2013 Rochester Business Ethics Awards to include non-profits

Rochester business ethics award program joins similar programs in Washington, DC and in Minnesota in opening local business ethics award competitions to non-profit organizations

Non-profits now have the opportunity to enter and compete alongside for-profits for the 2013 Rochester Business Ethics Award.   The change in policy was announced at the Rochester Business Ethics Award’s 10th awards luncheon, held today at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

“The rationale for the new policy is that we expect the non-profit organizations that serve the Rochester community to conduct themselves in a highly ethical manner, especially as it relates to their business practices,” says RBEA co-chair Rich Anderson, a senior partner at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.  “So why not offer non-profits the same kinds of recognition given to for-profits that demonstrate high standards of business ethics.”

Anderson adds that non-profits operate in a marketplace and face challenges in finance, marketing, personnel, operations, and governance – the same challenges faced by for-profits.  “And they too must demonstrate ethical behavior no less demanding than that of their for-profit colleagues, so let’s offer them the same opportunity for recognition.”

Individuals, clients, customers, vendors and others are encouraged to nominate a company they believe worthy of a Rochester Business Ethics Award. Employees may nominate their own companies. All this can be done through the RBEA web site.

Once nominated, it is up to the company – for-profit and now non-profit – to actually enter and submit its completed entry material, due in May of 2013. This too is done via the RBEA web site. There is no fee to enter.

Other than the acceptance of nominations of and entries by non-profits, the structure of the competition remains unchanged.

The three size categories remain: small (under 50 employees); medium (50-150 employees); and large (more than 150 employees).   The criteria for judging remains the same and all entries will be judged by the same independent panel of judges.

Financial service firms remain ineligible to enter:  banks, accounting and law firms, financial planners and brokers.  However, these firms are encouraged to participate by nominating other kinds of businesses.



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